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pbPunjabib is an adjectival form of Punjab which is the name of a region of South Asia where the five rivers of Sutlej Beas Raavi Chenab and Jehlum flow Usually it is referred to anything related to Punjab Eg Punjabi people Punjabi food etc It may refer topulliPunjabi people an ethnic group originating from the fertile region of PunjabliliPunjabi language an IndoAryan language spoken by inhabitants of the historical Punjab region north western India and eastern PakistanliliThe Music of Punjab a region in the South Asia divided into two parts West Punjab Pakistan and East Punjab India Punjabi music has a diverse style of music ranging from folk and Sufi to classical notably the Patiala gharanaliliPunjabi danceliliOf or relating to the Punjab regionliliOf or relating to Punjab PakistanliliOf or relating to Punjab IndialiliPunjabi culture the culture of the Punjab regionliliPunjabi cuisine food from the Punjab region of northwestern India and eastern PakistanliliPunjabi Shaikh an Arabic word meaning elder of a tribe lord Honorable revered old man or Islamic scholar In South Asia it is used as an ethnic title generally attributed to Muslim trading familiesliliPunjabi BrahminsliliPunjabi Dalits a member of the Rangretta clans Churas who have embraced the sikh faith who are mainly found in the Punjab region Kashmir and RajastanliliPunjabi University a higher education institute located in Patiala Punjab India Punjabi University teaches and researches in science engineering and technology humanities social sciences performing arts and sportsliliHMS Punjabi F21liliPunjabi horse born 2003 British Thoroughbred racehorse born to sire Komatie and dam Competa Punjabi started racing as a three year old in 2005 He won his first race a Class 6 in May 2006 at Newcastle Racecourse in Newcastle EnglandliliPunjabi Computing ResourcesliliPanjabi is also used in English and Bengali to mean kurta a garment worn in South Asialiul>

Top 30 Punjabi songs

Punjabi songs
Punjabi - Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi 6 songs
Punjabi - Beh Sakhian Jas Gavaeh 5 songs
Punjabi - Bashai Phera Danar Sabda 2 songs
Punjabi - Sassi Punni Punjabi 2 songs
Punjabi - Dil Rakh Lai Lucky Singh Single Track
Punjabi - Punjabi Classoco Vol 3 3 songs
Punjabi - Satnaam Waheguru Dhun Jagjit Singh Single Track
Punjabi - Singh Bandhu Manas Ke Jaat 4 songs
Punjabi - Ved Ratra Hoor Sohni Ambran Di 8 songs
Punjabi - Sahib Singh Waar Diyesut Chaar Gurbani 6 songs
Punjabi - G S Kashmirwale Satgur Hoye Dayal 5 songs
Punjabi - Mithe Tere Bol 2 songs
Punjabi - Shabad Gurbani By Prof Darshan Singh Ragi 4 songs
Punjabi - Nakhade Sharir Tere Karda 19 songs
Punjabi - Bhai Harbans Singh Jagadhiriwale Hun Saran Prabh Single Track
Punjabi - Bhai Harbans Singh Jagadhiriwale Hum Saran Prabh Single Track
Punjabi - Chakni Porhian Chardi 20 songs
Punjabi - Sukhwant Kaur Sukhi Lara Battery Warga 7 songs
Punjabi - S Goyal And Zeenat Anjuman Munda Dil Mangda 8 songs
Punjabi - Mohabbat Ek Kahani Single Track
Punjabi - Tor Punjaban De 8 songs
Punjabi - Mera Rang De Basanti Chola 4 songs
Punjabi - Simar Gopal Sadhu Sang 3 songs
Punjabi - Jap Man Mere Tu Eko Naam 4 songs
Punjabi - Ranjeet Mani Munde Nachde Tabitanwale 7 songs
Punjabi - Cham Cham Nachdi Phiran Asha Bhosle With Channi 5 songs
Punjabi - Doli Charhdeyan Maariyan Heer Cheekan Single Track
Punjabi - Channa Ve Teri Chaane 10 songs
Punjabi - Pagri Sambhal Jatta Patriotic Songs 10 songs
Punjabi - Addi Tappaa 8 songs

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